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About the Artwork

art has impacted my life positively in a multitude of ways that words alone just cannot accurately convey. As long as I can remember I have always loved bright colorful things! as a small child I would spend many hours on the family computer drawing all sorts of paintings using MS paint. As I got older as a pre-teen , my mom would introduce me to watercolors by enrolling in a watercolor class together, through the city parks and rec.



     the majority of my body of work include thick bold white or black lines, these are symbolic in that they represent finding and creating my own path in life instead of remaining trapped in the lines and constructs constantly imposed on me as an adolescent, especially in our current society.

    I especially enjoy abstract art and the way it can mean so many different things to so many people. abstract art is constantly evolving depending on the individual viewing it (and every single other subtle factor that influences their perception in any given moment of time.)

    for years I would try many different hobbies in an attempt to find that one true passion that I could pursue as a career. Over time I would continue to struggle to find any one passion that would hold my attention long enough to turn into anything meaningful, let alone a career. This would ignite a quest to narrow down my long list of "hobbies" to try to pin down one thing I could run with and dedicate most of my time and energy towards. I came to the realization that painting was the one thing that I would repeatedly find myself engaged in time after time. Upon more self-reflection, I began to notice that painting had evolved from a preferred pastime, into a sort of meditative state. I noticed that when I painted, any worries or stresses in my life would temporarily disappear, this is just one of the many ways art has enriched and bettered my life overall.

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